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Dogs are an integral part of many Californian families and American society at large. When treated correctly a dog can be much like a child. Unfortunately, not every animal is treated with love and care. When a dog is maltreated or abused the animal is more likely to attack humans. Dog Bites can cause lifelong impairment and scarring. That's why it's a good idea to get a free legal consultation from an experienced dog bite lawyer.
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Dog Bite Accident Lawyer in California for Victims of Animal Attack-Injury in California

A serious, unprovoked dog bite or animal attack can occur at any time and any place, even from a familiar neighborhood pet that you assume is tame. These attacks are unpredictable; often it is child attacked by a dog, resulting in catastrophic injuries and even death for many of California’s most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly.
Contact one of the dog bite accident lawyers at the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group LLP for a free consultation to learn about how our San Francisco dog bite attorneys’ over 35 years of experience may benefit you. Learn about personal injury lawsuits and our intimate knowledge of California property, insurance, and liability regulations as they relate to animal ownership and responsibility. Discuss the process that will be involved in the pursuit of compensation for you after an attack.
While attacks by pit bulls are among the most notorious of dangerous dog breeds, any dog, including a normally mild household pet, can become a dangerous animal under certain circumstances. California, like most states, has specific dog bite laws in place that provide protection for dog bite victims.
Each California dog bite lawyer at the Law Office of The Golden Gate Law Group LLP has the skills, experience and compassionate approach to client interaction necessary to investigate the attack, assign liability, assess the injuries and arrange for the best medical care possible with no out-of-pocket expenses.
We represent clients in dog bite, pit bull, and animal attack cases throughout central, southern, and northern California with regional offices located throughout the State. We understand the devastating and permanent injuries that can result from an unexpected dog bite or animal attack. Our law firm has over 35 years' experience negotiating and litigating dog bite injury lawsuits at all levels of the state court as we pursue maximum compensation for:
• Past - Future medical expenses • Damages for Pain and Suffering • Emotional trauma and psychological counseling • Lost wages • Future loss of earning capacity • Scars and disfigurement • Long-term care
We represent injured clients exclusively and are dedicated to protecting your rights and securing compensation for your family after a negligent dog bite, pit bull attack or other incident involving an injury from an animal.


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For additional information on other areas of our personal injury practice, including motorcycle accidents and insurance disputes. If you’ve been hurt, contact an animal attack personal injury lawyer now, before you speak to an insurance company agent or representative. A good dog bite lawyer will make sure you understand your rights, options, and consequences so you’ll always make a decision that’s in the best interest of you and your family.