You vs. Dog: Do or Die Situation
     No person ever wants to be in this most unfortunate situation, but most of us have imagined what it would be like, to be attacked by a dog. And, for a good percentage of people, they have had to go "toe to toe" with "man's best friend."

     When actually attacked by a dog hopefully you are carrying any kind of purse, backpack, briefcase, shopping bag, something that may get the dog to bite it instead of biting you. Once the dog begins to bite on something besides you, it’s time for you to take the offensive. When left no other choice but to defend yourself in "hand to hand combat" against a dog attack the best thing you can do it try and get the dog directly underneath you on its back, then wrap your hands around his neck and quickly choke him as hard as you can while pushing all of your body weight against him. If this doesn't kill the dog, it will subdue the animal long enough so that you have enough time to get away. Also try to jab your fingers toward its eyes in a quick motion or shove a stick down his throat. Protect your neck at all times.

     If you feel that you just cant defend yourself, just curl yourself up into a fetal position. Stay still and protect your face, chest, and throat with your arms. You want the dog only to inflict puncture wounds on areas of your body that have thicker skin. Remain motionless and don't scream. Dogs will almost always lose interest in you if you remain still. Wait until the dog leaves the area before getting up.

  • Attempts to mount people's legs
  • Snapping and snarling when petted, lifted, or groomed
  • Frequent attempts to chase moving objects such as bicycles, skateboards, cars and trucks
  • Repeated escapes from home
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Tips For Avoiding A Dog Attack
by Steven L. WeinerLaw Office of Steven L. Weiner & Associates

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Eye Contact-or, Non-Eye Contact in this case-Do not look the dog directly into his eyes. Take a subtle glance from a sideways angle without giving prolonged eye contact. Keep the dog in your peripheral vision and stand sideways to the dog and instead of facing them and making direct eye contact. This will best signal to the dog that you are not a threat.

Attack Stance-Observe at the posture of the dog. If the dog is agitated it will be up on all fours and his head will be level...not high or low. The dog will be approaching in a steady run towards you or crouched down in a ready to lunge position. His tail will be straight out, either up in the air, behind him or between his legs.

Observe the dog's mouth-Are his teeth showing? Is his upper lip curling upward? These are both signs of attack posture. Don't smile at the dog as your teeth may be communicating an act of aggression towards the dog.

Listen-Growling noises may be surest sign of an oncoming attack.

Remain Calm and Slowly Back Away-Hopfully the dog will lose interest in you. As long as the dog isn’t actually biting you, the best thing to do is to remain calm and walk away. If you panic, you may make the dog feel more confident and pursue in his attack on you. If you don't appear threatening to the dog, the dog may do some barking but they have a very short attention span and will lose their interest in you and go away. Movements-Don't make any sudden movements. Its best to keep your arms in a folded position to protect your hands or just keep them at your sides with clenched fists to protect your fingers. The dog may come quite close to sniff you, without actually biting you. Know where you are and look for possible places around you that can help you escape.

Running Away-This will always lead to the dog attacking you.It awakens the dog’s instinct to chase and catch animals and you can't outrun a dog content on attacking you.

Shouting-A commanding shout of "Down or Sit!" or "Go Home Bad Dog!" or anything to say that is doing something wrong may stop an attack momentarily giving you time to get away to a safe distance.

Throwing objects-Use anything available to try to stop the dog from attacking you. The idea here is make as much noise as possible with sticks, cans, bottles an so on. Throw rocks, dirt, sand, sticks, coins from your pockets, wallet, anything that you can get your hands on at that moment. Most all dogs are afraid of projectiles. Some other great tips are opening an umbrella or shining a flashlight in his eye’, or throwing a steak at him!

Generally speaking, especially for children, it is best to stay away from strange dogs all together. That is tough to do for a kid without a dog of his own at home, a suddenly a lost dog appears in the neighborhood-this is usually an exciting moment for a young child looking for a little fun and excitement. Most of us have wonderful curiosity about dogs ... so it wise to be aware of warning signs that dog exhibit ... and teach them to all your family members.

Aggressive Warning Signs from Dogs

  • Excessive barking
  • Tendency to snarl, growl, or snap to protect food
  • Overprotective of things;
  • Fearfulness in new situations or around strangers
  • Severe attacks on other animals, such as cats,  or livestock